Welcome to the online home of  Daveta Rugby. Over the years Daveta has proven to be one of the worlds most entertaining rugby teams competes in international club tournaments in both 7s and 10s. Daveta has developed a highly successful development program that is entering its 24th year having tasted success in numerous international club tournaments throughout the Asia-Pacific region.


To create and sustain a class leading program to develop world class rugby players and officials that are prepared for success on the world stage.


To create a rugby team with a deep-set culture of success and humility that creates rounded and grounded players, coaches and managers that are prepared to not only compete, but succeed on the world stage and to assist these players through there playing life and beyond


Identifying young talent within Fiji Rugby and bringing them into a program that provides supported development outcomes to enhance on and off field performance. This is done through the conduct of training camps and touring campaigns to internationally held rugby tournaments. This exposes the players to the world of elite rugby and allows them to identify first-hand the development steps they require for further success. The ultimate outcome is national representation and / or professional contracts with international clubs and franchises.

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